Delivery & Returns

Mandales AB Terms and conditions


Outside Sweden the general delivery time is 5-6 weeks from order date.
The delivery time depends on the volume/quantity of products that has been ordered and the customer’s location. If the customer orders fabrics that are not within our color or composition range, fabric delivery time will be added.

Delivery time within 5-6 weeks:

–  Spring mattresses with wooden frame
–  Spring mattresses, (Polyester foam)
–  Bed legs
–  Top bed mattresses
–  Pillows and duvets
–  Extra beds with wooden frame
–  Top bed mattresses for extra beds
–  Continental beds

Large orders are subject to slightly longer delivery time:

–  Pillows and duvets: Orders exceeding 400-600 pcs will have longer delivery time
–  Continental beds: Orders exceeding 100 pcs will have longer delivery time
–  Other products as mentioned above: Orders exceeding 200 pcs/sets will have slightly longer delivery time

Price of the delivery

In general, order volume and business size stipulate the cost of delivery.
Shipping related to large business and/or orders exceeding 20 000 € are generally free of charge.


In general, 50 % of the order value is paid for by the customer after receiving their order confirmation. Payment is to be made within 5 business days to the designated Mandales bank account. Should the customer wish to oppose the order confirmation and/or cancel their order, they likewise have 5 days to do so.
50 % is paid after delivery.

The order quote stipulates the final conditions.

Warranty & Returns

In general, beds and mattresses have a 5-year warranty. Reclamations and warranty claims have to be approved and validated by Mandales AB. The warranty covers obvious, typical manufacturing errors. Normal wear and tear on the products is not covered by the warranty, neither is excessive external violence on the products.

Other products, such as pillows and duvets etc. have a 2-year warranty.

All claims should be filed as soon as possible from the moment of detection by the customer. The customer must present a clear warranty claim with:
–  Pictures of the product in question showing the error(s).
–  A written text explaining the nature of the error of the faulty product.

Customers are kindly advised to retain the damaged product(s). This includes keeping the original item(s) in their possesion until the warranty claim is resolved.

Mandales always has the customer’s best interests in mind. We strive to help customers solve any issues as quickly and as easily as possible within the framework of these terms and conditions.