Big Recycling Unit 60L

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The perfect front office recycling system



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Recycling has rarely looked this good. Perfect for front office recycling. Make waste sorting at the workplace efficient and easy with the big recycling unit. These containers do not need to be hidden away, the design makes them a stylish decoration detail in the office, kitchen, dining room, public places or wherever you choose to place them.

Color coded lids
Each bin has a color coded lid which easily indicates which makes recycling even easier. On the lid there is also an icon that clarifies the bins category. The lid is easily folded up when changing the waste bag.

100% recycled material
Made from 100% recycled plastic (ABS). The container has a volume of 60 litres, 2 plastic bags of recycled material are included. The container has a nice dark blue color and the lid and exterior must be painted in a high-gloss white/grey colour. Each container is marked with the respective type of waste.

Space saving
The container/module is equipped with 2 internal magnets on each side for easy assembly with other modules in the same series. This saves space and also ensures that the containers do not slide.

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