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The Mansion dog bed is a stylish and stylish dog bed with high edges that give a snug feeling. High-quality furniture fabric and double mattresses make it incredibly comfortable. OEKO-TEX® 100 certified. Specially developed for small to medium-sized dogs.

Mansion is a stylish and soft dog bed in a rectangular model with high, straight edges. The Mansion dog bed is made of high-quality furniture fabric and has a synthetic leather underside to create an exclusive feel, while at the same time ensuring that the bed is stable on the floor. The filling in the edges is soft but stable and made from recycled PET bottles. The purpose of the edges is to provide a protective and safe environment for the dog. The center cushion is double layered for maximum comfort. Mansion II has double mattresses but with the same pillow. The base of the pillow is a 5 cm thick foam rubber mattress and on top of that we have 1 layer (5 cm) of recycled polyester fiber filling in the pillow. NOTE! The bed is sent unassembled to protect the bed and with consideration for the environment and reduced emissions during shipping.

Additional Information
Size XS (50x40cm) fits dogs 0-6kg.
Size S (60x50cm) fits dogs 7-12kg.
Size M (70x60cm) fits dogs 13-20kg.
Size L (80x70cm) fits dogs 20-30kg.

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XS, S, M, L

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