Case: Steam Hotel

Branded products
Ongoing partnership

Custom solutions in close collaboration

When The Steam Hotel expanded their resort with 40 additional rooms for a special “hotel within the hotel” there was need for some custom solutions both in terms of furniture, amenities and miscellaneous merchandise. Over the course of the project, Mandales created a number of products, both branded and unbranded, including beds and bed skirts, pillows and throws, chairs, sofas and more.

Compared to a new hotel, working with a hotel/resort that is already up and running can be quite challenging, since deliveries and construction has to be done in a more discrete fashion as not to disturb the daily operations of the hotel. Having your ear to the ground and adapting to the circumstances is therefore key in these types of projects, which we fortunately had thanks to a close collaboration with the “Steam dream-team”. The partnership developed overtime and grew to involve even more projects, products and collaborations, and it’s a partnership that is still going strong today.

“We need partners and collaborators with a professional mindset who understands our brand and are able to help us elevate the guest experience further. We found that partner in Mandales.”

–Jenny Bark, Hotel Manager The Steam Hotel

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