Steam Iron Electrolux Navy

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With the Electrolux Navy, you get smooth garments quickly and conveniently. The built-in sensor detects if the iron is unattended and the soleplate indicator shows when the iron is hot.

Fast and efficient. Fine ironing results with a perfect balance between heat, steam and pressure. The rapid heating and the even distribution of steam mean that the iron is ready to use within 30 seconds

Scratch-resistant soleplate GLISSIUM™ 175. The soleplate GLISSIUM™ 175 is scratch-resistant with many holes that provide even steam distribution and glide easily on the fabric.

Intuitive and safe
The built-in sensor and 3-position automatic shut-off automatically turn off the iron if it has been left on or next to the garment or if you have put it away. The soleplate’s heat indicator at the top of the iron shows when the soleplate is hot.

Anti-drip system
Minimize the risks of water stains on clothes. Anti-drip, a bimetal inside the iron prevents water from entering the evaporation chamber when the temperature is too low.

Automatic cleaning
Take care of the iron as well as your clothes by preventing unwanted limescale deposits. The descaling solution FlushClean means that you can easily remove limescale by flushing water through the iron.

Power: 2500W
Steam capacity: 40g/min
Steam puff: 200g/min
Water tank volume: 0.33 L
Cord length approx: 1.95m

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