Steamer Genie Aroma

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Smooth and with a long cord

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With Steamer Genie Aroma, you can easily smooth out tough creases and wrinkles with the powerful 32g steam puff while killing up to 99% of bacteria in 60 seconds*

The spacious 200ml removable water tank means you can tackle your garments in one go without having to stop and refill the tank. The impressive cord of a full 3 meters gives you the freedom to move and finally reach those stubborn creases on the curtains.

The Steam Genie Aroma has been designed with an auto shut off feature which means it will turn itself off if it is left standing for a while so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on.

– Reduce odors with your own personal scents for fresher, more hygienic textiles
– Kills up to 99.9% of Bacteria in 60 seconds*
– Ceramic heated plate that counteracts wrinkles*** and removes tougher folds
– Fast heating time: 45 seconds
– 32g steam output with button lock for 25% faster results**
– 6 minute usage time
– 1800 Watts
– 200ml removable water tank
– 3 meter long cord
– Shuts off automatically
– Accents in chrome

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